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The Continuing Adventures of Betty & Ethel starring in JUST 4 FANS - TURNIP TEEZ

Prove that social media’s “community guidelines” are not applied in an equitable manner.

Users (including businesses) that identify as; 2SLGBTQIA+, sex-positive, body-positive, have a harder time publishing their content without harassment stemming from the unbalanced approach social media companies employ when administering these community guidelines.





The OG Just 4 Fans Urban Tee - Betty & Ethel TURNIP TEEZ
The Adventures of Betty & Ethel and Just 4 Fans

Betty & Ethel were spending a lazy afternoon, enjoying cocktails at Uncle Dixon’s beach bar, while the topic of discussion moved on to the recent onslaught of unbalanced and unbridled stupidity spewing forth from the “you know who” over in the “you know where”.

While starring at the great big fan blades constructed out of leaves and rattan, slowly circulating overhead and twirling the ice cubes in their cocktail glass, Ethel had an idea.

With their love for Pop Art and the design aesthetic of the 1950s, Betty & Ethel have dabbled again and designed 2 new t-shirts with our classic retro table top fan, printed in Betty & Ethel’s 5 pillars of colour on the TURNIP TEEZ Urban Tee and Hiker Tee, t-shirts.

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TURNIP TEEZ knows you want exclusive access to the 2 characters that brought us the t-shirt with "Just 4 Fans" and got BANNED from Instagram for it! *GASP*

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