Under Cover Gamer?

Under Cover Gamer

Under Cover Gamer?

Business by Day.

Gamer by night.

Gamers unite and join in the UNDER COVER IN PLAIN SITE squad!

It’s hard to know where to start here – maybe with; Have you ever met some people that really surprised you. Those moments when you say, either aloud or to yourself, “I never would have thought that you/they would be into…[fill in the blank].”

Or maybe, have you ever thought about the times in casual conversation someone has made an “off the cuff” comment, intended to be funny or in jest.

Who else might have heard what was said? Did everyone get the joke?

“Eat a sandwich. You’re too skinny!”

Jumping to the point (which is not something I usually do, directly); I am not saying we can’t have fun and joke around. I am suggesting, perhaps asking that we keep our bias in check, because simply put, not everything is cool to joke about. And not everything needs a discussion, because it’s none of your business.

I mention here, I am fully aware some of this is silly and absurd. I am okay with that. If that is what it takes to get the ball rolling…sign me up!

The Power of Under Cover

Here is what wearing an UNDER COVER t-shirt empowers you to do. Depending on which shirt you pick to wear, if the situation is right and the people you run into are receptive – share the story about Under Cover in Plain Sight with them.

If it isn’t right; then you can pass it off as a goofy, yet super comfortable and cozy t-shirt that you love to wear.

Please remember that ‘power’ is always a great opportunity to be visible in plain sight for someone who is under cover themselves. Even for something as simple as a love for gaming.

Attention Gamers & Gaymers: Meet The Lemonade Syndicate

Perhaps the name loses something in translation for this galaxy, yet no mistake that the resolve of The Lemonade Syndicate stands fast.

The Lemonade Syndicate is a complex and diverse society, culture and system of cooperation; owing its strength to the compassion and determination of each and every Citrozen.

No Citrozen is left behind; The Lemonade Syndicate. A Sour, Safe and Secure Society.

[Really, we are just a handful of folks, from different walks in life, that share a common love for gaming & community – Join us!]

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