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TURNIP TEEZ is proudly coming at you from the heart of the Gay Village in Toronto, Canada with creations by TURNIPHED coming at you from specialized facilities all across the globe. TURNIP TEEZ is proud to be a Queer Owned business and also lends its voice, loudly, to equality of all members of the LGBTQ+ Community.

All prices at are in $ CAD. No mess with; currency conversion. And when ever possible we try and fulfill your order in our Canadian facility; so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your package to clear customs. Unfortunately, at this time some TURNIP TEEZ creations may be shipped to you from one or more of our other facilities.

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The Back Story

TURNIP TEEZ is simply the result of a crazy idea around 2005, when a thought came to TURNIPHED, “damn, wish I had a t-shirt that said that”, that he then filed away in the back of his mind.

With a full-time career that had TURNIPHED traveling all over North America, and no more than handful of ideas for t-shirts, it did not look like anything was going to come of this once “filed away” thought. Furthermore, the biggest obstacle that needed to be avoided at all costs, NO WAREHOUSE. But, how does one achieve a competitive or even affordable advantage without bulk buying?

It wasn’t just about that though. Sustainability and environmental impact was also forefront and most important. Waste was NOT an option

Now, TURNIP TEEZ is able to take advantage of the latest technologies in machinery, inks, fabrics and distribution to create the artistic vision in clothing fashion and home design & furnishings.

Everything at TURNIP TEEZ has a story, is a story or commentary about something in some way. At the very bottom of it all TURNIP TEEZ is about having FUN and being a little bit witty or perhaps “clever”.

One of the biggest intentions at TURNIP TEEZ is to give you the chance to catch an eye & make someone smile or strike up a conversation with your fun TURNIP TEEZ creation.

And when you see another person walking around in their TURNIP TEEZ creation, you know that is one cool person.