First of all. Hi! Hello! It is TURNIPHED (some call me TURNIP) and welcome to TURNIP TEEZ.

It is just me here, so in a way I am also TURNIP TEEZ, I guess. Some of you will know me from my other projects; Richard and Jay, TURNIP STYLE, THE VOICE OF TURNIP STYLE and TURNIP THE SWEAT. (There is a theme brewing here methinks.)

I am a queer gay dude living in Toronto, Canada and TURNIP TEEZ is the result of a crazy idea that started to sprout around 2005.

Problem was 2005, I was just starting off my dream career as a flight attendant. That was all I was focused on. Which meant, this “crazy idea” of mine, was put on hold.

Fast-forward 6 years later and I found myself classified as disabled. Lost my dream career and the future I had planned out for myself. Which led me to find that now I had couple extra minutes on my hands. Wink.

Needless to say the mind wanders while laying in hospital beds and ideas do sprout.

I set out for TURNIP TEEZ to be a fun experience for myself. I am also certainly keen if others enjoy my flavour of fun want to come along for the ride. If that is you, welcome.

Nurtured by my crazy life experiences, it is very important to me that TURNIP TEEZ remains as sustainable and as accessible as possible.


I do have a message to share with my fun here. Even the t-shirts that you think may be just a “dumb dad joke”, will have an underlying message, usually a reference to “gay or queer culture”. Or, might just be a challenge to be silly and not give a f*ck what others think.

However, I am not prepared to be wasteful as I go about having my “fun”. That is why I employ a model of only creating and shipping pieces at time of purchase. As well as working with other artists close to where you live, to create your TURNIP TEEZ design for you.

TURNIP TEEZ strives through these relationships, to reduce our carbon footprint with shipping, as well as enriching the community closer to me and you.

The pieces, labels or brands are all a story in one way or another. If you follow along by subscribing to my emails and following on the social media accounts, found in the footer of this page, you will gain a better understanding of that story.

KHAJ PHRYDAE aims to be a casual approach to self confidence and encourages kindness while still being sassy, sophisticated and a bit of a tease.

BETTY & ETHEL are just silly pop art gals that sometimes miss the mark on what they do; but their intentions are always good and every one has a good laugh.

The WOOD MORNING COFFEE CABIN and MOUNT MOIST PLINTH are based on the ideal camping experience with the ideal log cabin that is the most perfect coffee, food and pastries. Each morning all the dudes camping, wake up, slip on their grey joggers,  grab their travel mugs and head to The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin, grab a stiff brew and hang out to socialize and start their day. The perfect way to start the perfect day.

It’s all a little bit of parody that might be wrapped up in what some would call a fantasy. I call it a goal.

TURNIP TEEZ, in a way is me keeping some of those “when I grow up I’m gonna…” promises I made to myself when I was a kid.TURNIPHED
Wood Morning Coffee Cabin Hiker Hoodie

I strive to push the folks that I come into contact with to share kindness and acceptance, not just tolerance.

I often create in reflection of past experiences growing up and try and re-imagine what it would be like to have lived in that moment but been able to be my authentic self.

I invite you to visit the collection I call, PINK. What started out as a quest to just make myself the perfect “pink t-shirt” for “pink t-shirt day”, has now turned into a project, of many colours, which aims to contribute back to the marginalized communities that do not get the care and attention they need.

I look forward to my designs connecting with the special folks out there that want to make a difference, maybe stir things up a bit and be a beacon or maybe even a superhero for someone that is hiding in the closet too afraid to live their authentic lives.

Feel free to reach out to me here. Be sure to follow and interact with @turnipteez on your social media accounts.

turnip hed
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