Welcome to the continuing adventures of Betty & Ethel - starring in Just 4 Fans
You Know Everything
The Mission - A t-shirt with a message


Prove that social media’s “community guidelines” are not applied in an equitable manner.

Users (including businesses) that identify as; 2SLGBTQIA+, sex-positive, body-positive, have a harder time publishing their content without harassment stemming from the unbalanced approach social media companies employ when administering these community guidelines.





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TURNIP TEEZ knows you want exclusive access to the 2 characters that brought us the t-shirt with "Just 4 Fans" and got BANNED from Instagram for it! *GASP*

The Adventures of Betty & Ethel and Just 4 Fans
The Adventures of Betty & Ethel and Just 4 Fans
The Adventures of Betty & Ethel and Just 4 Fans

Just 4 Fans Printed on a T-Shirt

Betty & Ethel have been away on vacation visiting Dixon and Beth. Inspiration struck while Betty & Ethel were lazing about pool side, under the swaying palm trees and the massive woven leaf fan blades.

Why not revisit their famous Just 4 Fans t-shirt and freshen up this cute little classic with a fresh stamp of approval?

Staying Within the ‘Lines’

Community guidelines, that is.

Navigating the uneven application of “guidelines” meant to give open, equitable and safe access to all who abide by them.

Yet, navigating this course is not straight forward for the queer community or for anyone with a sex-positive, body-positive attitude.

How can queer folks and businesses be expected to successfully navigate social media, when the “lanes” are not the same across the entire road?

And then after that, the “rules of the road” are constantly changing.

Bringing us to the junction of “one moderator thinks a male body in his swim suit is offensive” and “a queer designer trying to market and sell their new swim wear collection and make a living sharing their art with the world”.

The Adventures of Betty & Ethel and Just 4 Fans
This is the image the was deemed in violation of community guidelines. Read the warning I received, below.

In an attempt to be a “clever”, whilst proving my point about the prejudice queer folks face, “Betty & Ethel”, designed the “Just 4 Fans” Urban Tee.

I marketed it just like I do all my pieces, I focused on exactly what the piece is about. In this case, a t-shirt with “just 4 fans printed on the front of it”. Simple.

Two weeks was all it took to receive notice that our content had been blocked for violating “community guidelines”.

Your post goes against our guidelines on sexual activity.

We define sexual activity as things like;

  • Explicit sexual intercourse where at least one person’s genitals are visible
  • Implied sexual intercourse
  • Stimulation of the genitals, anus, uncovered female nipples or breasts


Find the; explicit sexual intercourse, with at least one person’s genitals exposed on this t-shirt to enter your name in the draw to win ONE FREE JUST 4 FANS T-shirt!

Rules: Contest void if; no explicit or implied sexual intercourse is actually depicted, there is zero stimulation of the genitals, anus or bare female nipples or breasts.
Mission Status: Stage 1

PROOF? Is this proof enough that words such as; “just”, “4”,  “fans”, “four” and “jff” or a combination of those in the description and tags for the posts on social media were enough to have my images removed and receive a warning that my account may be permanently suspended for continued violations, sight unseen?

Let’s find out — on to Stage 2.

In Progress

Betty & Ethel were spending a lazy afternoon, enjoying cocktails at Uncle Dixon’s beach bar, while the topic of discussion moved on to the recent onslaught of unbalanced and unbridled stupidity spewing forth from the “you know who” over in the “you know where”.

While starring at the great big fan blades constructed out of leaves and rattan, slowly circulating overhead and twirling the ice cubes in their cocktail glass, Ethel had an idea.

With their love for Pop Art and the design aesthetic of the 1950s, Betty & Ethel have dabbled again and designed 2 new t-shirts with our classic retro table top fan, printed in Betty & Ethel’s 5 pillars of colour on the TURNIP TEEZ Urban Tee and Hiker Tee, t-shirts.

  • Just 4 Fans Pop Print Hiker Tee


    Just 4 Fans printed on our 100% super soft cotton Hiker Tee in; Aqua Pool, Satsuma, Cerise and Magenta.

    Shipping is included!

    • seen here on a TURNIP TEEZ Hiker Tee
    • constructed with 100% pre-shrunk combed, ring-spun cotton
    • super soft and ideal for layering
    • no-tag design, directly printed on garment
    • construced with a side seam
    • gender fluid fit, please consult size guide

    Sustainable Shopping

    • 2+ Tees = 10% off t-shirts
    • 4+ Tees = 15% off t-shirts
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  • Just 4 Fans Pop Print Urban Tee


    Just 4 Fans printed on our Urban Tee in; Blue Chalk, Satsuma, Cerise and Magenta.

    Urban style blended with super cozy comfort as well as;

    • 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton
    • light weight pre-shrunk cotton
    • a comfortable carefree regular fit
    • acurved hem to accent your curves and swerves
    • gender fluid fit, consult size guide
    • shipping included

    Sustainable Shopping

    • 2+ Tees = 10% off t-shirt
    • 4+ Tees - 15% off t-shirt
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  • Tired of the unbalanced and systemic harassment inflicted by the social media companies
  • Enjoy wearing a sexy and clever t-shirt.

If you said, “YES” to either of those, please consider adding JUST 4 FANS to your t-shirt collection and add your voice to the mix. Let’s get super LOUD!

Both t-shirts are constructed with 100% cotton. The Urban Tee is available in sizes; S to 2XL. The Hiker Tee is available in sizes S to 5XL in most colours.

Please Remember

Shipping is included in the price and you earn discounts for sustainable shopping and shipping automatically!

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TURNIP TEEZ knows you want exclusive access to the 2 characters that brought us the t-shirt with "Just 4 Fans" and got BANNED from Instagram for it! *GASP*

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