Sarcasm? 100%

Cynical? You bet!

Many months ago I was noticing a rise in the amount of Queer content creators, designers, artists, editors, contributors, writers, models, dancers and performers, were disappearing off social media. Some for short periods and some never to return at all.

Word around the water cooler at the monthly “Gay Agenda” meetings we all go to – I was hearing whispers of these folks being; blocked, banned, barred and such from the social media platforms.

Before this goes any further; let us shut down one thing. Community guidelines are not the problem.

The problem is the unbalanced application of these guidelines which only fuels systemic queerphobia with the constant sexualization and demonization of mainstream queer content.

Just a Fan

Dealing with being systemically shut down and blocked was not new.

From day one at TURNIP STYLE, there has been a constant struggle dealing with photos being deleted, media accounts being suspended.

What was I writing about?

The articles would range from the importance of testicular health to an announcement about a new collection of underwear or swimwear. Which like any article, included photos, from the designer of a model in the new underwear from the new collection. None of the photos were anything different than what you would find on any underwear website or department store catalogue. (A nod to the few of you reading from the “catalogue” days)


So being fed up and cynical I sat down with my gal pals, Betty and Ethel and had a few cocktails and we started brainstorming on a way to stir the shit up a little bit. If we were lucky we would be able to prove there is was unbalance.

I invite you to enjoy – Just 4 Fans by Betty & Ethel

Just 4 Fans

It took about 2 weeks for our t-shirt to be blocked on Instagram and Facebook. For violating community guidelines, of course.

Your post goes against our guidelines on sexual activity.

We define sexual activity as things like;

  • Explicit sexual intercourse where at least one person’s genitals are visible
  • Implied sexual intercourse
  • Stimulation of the genitals, anus, uncovered female nipples or breasts

At TURNIP TEEZ Design there is ZERO expectation that these behaviours are going to cease. Especially any time soon – but TURNIP TEEZ is committed to the following;

  1. TURNIP TEEZ will not pay for advertising or any other services from any of the META companies. If the service is free, TURNIP TEEZ will take advantage of services offered and agree to operate said account within community guidelines, while fully expecting those META companies to apply those guidelines in a balanced and transparent manner.
  2. TURNIP TEEZ will continue to be HERE and QUEER!
  3. TURNIP TEEZ will continue to push the envelope with our UNDER COVER IN PLAIN SIGHT mission.
  4. TURNIP TEEZ continues in the hope to inspire and bring some laughter and happiness to your lives.
Betty and Ethel


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