Some times there is no short story; especially the way I tell a story. So let’s just get to the story.

As Only Fans and Just for Fans became more popular, and dare I say; mainstream. Coupled with the changes to US Law, which led to the “demise” of Craigslist, I could not help but be a tiny bit cynical of what was to come as the realms of social media, sexuality online and stigma all jumped into the hot tub together.

Based on my past 12 years of experiences whilst establishing the TURNIP STYLE brand, I was always facing systemic queer-phobia. I continually meet up with everything from censorship of articles and photos on social media to just blatant homophobia from cis-hetero folks or businesses who would lecture me on what homophobia means. So, my optimism was dismal.

I have always taken issue with the unbalanced way large organizations monitor behaviour and administer their policies, online. If, I want any posting, with images, to stay on social media; regardless of the topic I need to be sure I write to the sensitivities of a cis-hetero white male who is so frigid he doesn’t touch his own dick to piss, because that is “too gay”.

So, that gave me an idea and Betty & Ethel, 2 characters that had been created and are part of the TURINP TEEZ Family, seemed like the perfect pair to help me try a wee experiment.

I suspected it wouldn’t take long for the stigmas associated with sexuality, which challenged myself, TURNIP STYLE and other organizations, to become a problem for Only Fans and Just for Fans.

Let me set the scene.

Meet Ethel. She’s sweet, loving, kind, compassionate and smart as concrete. Well, just sometimes. Yes, sometimes she kind of misses the point. That is how we find our selves here. Ethel just wanted to make some extra money, to put away for vacation.

Her and Betty wanted to go and visit some old, old, old, old, old friends that they hadn’t seen in a minute, and Ethel had heard about this “just 4 fans” craze and we find ourselves here with this sexy “Just 4 Fans” T-shirt.

So. Yup, Ethel missed that one; but she has some lovely taste in vintage fans! (Actually that’s me but I will let the poor thing take the credit)

I've never come this way before, says Betty. Ethel replies, "me neither, it must be the cobbles" as they ride their bikes down a cobblestone street
BETTY & ETHEL take a bike ride

I designed some products all with “just 4 fans” on them. T-shirts (of course), coffee mugs, paintings. I even did a shower curtain – that was sexy. Ethel wanted to market it as “blow dry”.

Then I put them in the shop. Did little marketing campaigns on both, Twitter and Instagram. Marketing with the same hashtags I use to market to quirky gay men (like myself) who have a quirky sense of humour and a strong sense of self and sexuality.

Plus one extra hashtag; #just4fans. There was one instance, I believe, where I added #jff.

So what is THE GOAL of all this?

I wanted to see; if or how long it would take for Betty & Ethel’s Just 4 Fans content, to get caught up in a “policy” or a “storm” that had something to do with either Only Fans for Just for Fans. Where a simple every day item would get caught up in what I call “the stigma nightmare”.

I wanted to try and produce an example of the inconsistency in which policies were being applied, that didn’t involve me having to fight to publish images from underwear designers.

And last week it did. Last week, a t-shirt with “just 4 vintage fans in a very sexy vintage pool green colour” was deemed as inappropriate and did not meet community guidelines.


Of course, I was provided with the information to appeal the process. I am not in a hurry; that wasn’t the point. Besides if you are reading this — we know you are just misting to get your hand’s on a t-shirt.

Before we get to that though, it is important that I say this so that it’s clear. I 100% support each and every artist on Only Fans and Just for Fans and other sites that are offer artists the opportunity to interact with their fans, supporters, clients and customers. So I am not making any jokes or fun of either of the sites, their artists or their works.

I also support the need for a “terms of service” policy. I have had to rely on my own policies at TURNIP STYLE, to protect myself and other users. However, I can not in good conscience, trust a company that does not responsibly and effectively administer its own policies. Furthermore, this inconsistency only goes to strengthen the stigma and hate towards already marginalized folks and groups.

I am speaking specifically about Instagram and Facebook in this instance.

I will use their services, abide by the agreements to the best of my knowledge, but I won’t pay them for anything and I don’t share anything that I don’t have to.

Now, just in case we get in trouble over at the “EYE GEE”  or the “EFF BEE” socials; be sure to subscribe to our email list at We would love to keep in touch…

Oh and before you head off, Ethel wanted me to remind you about the cute little t-shirt; it’s made with super soft ring-spun cotton and sports a cute curved hem at the bottom.

It’s still fun and when you wear one its sure to be a conversation starter which may just help normalize the playing field for websites that offer the opportunity for artists to share their work to their fans who appreciate their work.

Show off your sexy Just 4 Fans t-shirt – “blown” in the right circles – wink wink.

On behalf of Betty and Ethel and with heaps of love,



PS. I will have more to say about his issue; watch THE POOL IS CLOSED for more.

Oh and for those people that don’t like the work on Only Fans or Just 4 Fans, some advice for you, unsolicited of course, so feel free to do with it what ya like. Nonetheless, if you don’t like the work you find on Only Fans for Just 4 Fans, isn’t to your liking; then simply stop renewing your membership and have a blessed day!