Kindness is One-Size-Fits-All.

PINK is a project born from trying to find a way to share compassion and support while increasing visibility and awareness of causes, charities and issues that need to be highlighted, and all while focusing on a sustainable future and looking super cool and chic!

Firstly, inspiration came from PINK SHIRT DAY coupled with the adoption of certain colours, such as with Awareness Ribbons, to represent causes and projects that aim at improving life and awareness of those folks facing struggles of one sort or another. Myself, included.

Pink Shirt Day holds a special place for me — and I wanted to find the perfect PINK SHIRT to wear for the day but… read more here

Secondly, I had a desire to find a way that one could show support for not only those causes but for the folks that are living that reality. Yet, do so in a much more sustainable way. (We can’t all have drawers stuffed to overflowing with a t-shirt for this, that and every event)

I wanted a way which would then give us all the ‘strength of a rainbow in our drawers’ to pull be able to pull out our BLUE T-shirt by PINK or our ORANGE T-shirt by PINK and show support for; a team, a fundraiser, a cause, a charity or an event.

Here are just 2 examples of the versatility when you wear a PINK t-shirt by TURNIP TEEZ.

PINK – you are ready to show your support for; The Stop Bullying Campaign, Pink Shirt Day, Breast Cancer, the Queer Community and more.

GREEN – you are ready to show your support for; Earth Day, Kidney Disease, Mental Health, Living with HIV, Liver Disease, Organ Donation and more.

One t-shirt spreading lots of love and a constant reminder to be kind.



100% off the profits from this t-shirt get put to good use. Firstly, you are helping myself, a disabled man, meet my financial struggles however, there are some other projects that are close to my heart that I want to share the focus here.

Principle Focus

The 519 Community Center – this place was very important to my very close friend Paul Kivisto; who lost his life to suicide in April of 2015. A portion of all PINK t-shirt profits will be donated in his name to The 519.

Liam’s Project – this is not an official organization or program, but a really good friend of mine who is no stranger to struggle, pain and suffering.

Yet, while he fights his own struggles with cancer and Parkinson’s disease, works full time as the Chief Nurse in a very busy Emergency Department, he takes time on his days off, money out of his own pocket to buy; underwear, socks, sleeping bags, toiletries, tote bags, medical supplies, gift cards for food, then he heads out with what other friends he has in the medical field, and administers care to those that society has discarded.

A portion of all PINK t-shirt profits will be donated to this project.

Honed Focus

YELLOW – this is new, so new that I honestly have not worked it all out yet. Cancer.

2020 hit my family pretty hard at the end. I learned, on my birthday, that a cousin of mine had passed away. 10 days later on Christmas, my grandfather passed away. 2021 was not any kinder in its arrival. The day we laid my grandfather to rest, which was my mother’s birthday, my step-father was rushed to the hospital, which later resulted in a terminal cancer diagnosis.

A portion of the profits from Yellow by PINK t-shirts will be donated to fight Cancer, once discussing with my family what direction to focus on. As always, a smaller portion of the profits will also be donated to our Principle Focus causes.



During the last week of February we honour #PINKSHIRTDAY.

A day that recognizes a special day in 2007 when 2 high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada took action to stop the bullying of one of their classmates who just wanted to simply wear pink to school one day.

Those 2 classmates organized a PINK SHIRT DAY where everyone wore PINK to show the bullies that there are a lot more PINK shirts than there are bullies.

I was once that kid getting bullied; it was over a pink sweater, shaker-knit, all the rage in the late 80s. But, no one was there to stand up for me.

Now, we can all stand up to bullying and wear our PINK t-shirts by TURNIP TEEZ.


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