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Wear Pink. Spread Kindness. Change Lives.

This started out as just a simple task to create a PINK T-shirt for myself. A cool PINK T-shirt for “Pink T-Shirt Day”.

I wanted to create myself a t-shirt that was “purpose built” and at the same time, was flexible enough to be worn all the time, any time or any where. The last place I wanted my PINK T-shirt to be, was the bottom of a drawer.


What Is Pink Shirt Day

On the last Wednesday of the last week of February we celebrate #PINKSHIRTDAY; which commemorates the special day in 2007 when 2 high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada, took action to raise awareness and put a stop to the bullying of one of their classmates that wanted to simply wear the colour "pink" to school one day.

Those 2 classmates organized a "PINK SHIRT DAY". Everyone wore PINK to show the bullies that there are a lot more PINK shirts than there are bullies.

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Pop Culture or Cult Following; the "On Wednesday We Wear Pink" is a powerful meme for folks that have a special love for the film production of "Mean Girls". We also wear PINK on Wednesday as a constant reminder that bullying is not cool any day of the week.

Kindness is ONE-SIZE fits all!

The colour PINK represents so much for myself as a gay man and as a person of the Queer Population.

I was also bullied by my classmates and even teachers, when I wore a pink sweater in junior high. The origin of “Pink Shirt Day” really hit home for me; sadly, I did not have anyone in my corner back then.

Today, this is my way to stand in the corner for those that do not have someone.

For a number of years, my best friend and I would “run” in the Pride and Remembrance Run here in Toronto. Over that time I accumulated a handful of race t-shirts that never got worn.

From a sustainability perspective, that really bothered me. Knowing that 1 in 5 of the garments found in landfills have never been worn, I started to think about how many of those are race or fund raising t-shirts.

Taking inspiration from “awareness ribbons” the idea grew from there. Just about every colour I could find is now part of The PINK Collection.

Every colour to represent any team, any time. Every colour to represent any charity event you are going to be heading to.

A more sustainable solution yes. Also a great way to bring more people together and be a team of colour. A stronger team of colour!

When I was a kid and there was charity work to be done, or some form of outreach being done from “the church”, we always had to wear “name tags/stickers/badges”.

Looking back, I feel that this only created a further divide by separating us from those we were there to “reach out to”.

The name of the colour is the star, here in the PINK Collection, because that colour is the force that is meant to unite people, focus our energies to achieving a common goal against a common struggle.

My hope is that this encourages the focus to the actions that effect change; because those actions are possible by all of us.

PINK Outreach


100% off the profits from this t-shirt get put to good use.

Firstly, you are helping me keep this project going. Since being classified as disabled and losing my career, living on my fixed and reduced income I don’t have a log of wiggle room for extra projects, but this is a project that is too important for me to not do it. Thank you.

There are 2 other projects that are very close to me that will benefit from the proceeds of The PINK Collection; The 519 Community Centre in Toronto, Canada as well as Liam’s Project in San Francisco.

The 519 Community Centre

The “519” as we call it is very important to me because it was very important to my very close friend Paul Kivisto; who lost his life to suicide in April of 2015.

Paul was very active in and around Toronto and part of a couple organizations that used The 519 Community Centre for activities.

A portion of all PINK t-shirt profits will be donated in his name to The 519 Community Centre.

We wear GREEN by PINK because Mental Health Matters.

Pauli Kivisto and Chlöe

Liam’s Project – this is not an official organization or program, but a really remarkable person in my life that has become as close to me as one can get without it being creepy!

Liam also is no stranger to struggle, pain and suffering.

While Liam fights his own struggles with terminal cancer and Parkinson’s disease, works full time as the Chief Nurse (LRN) in a very busy Emergency Department (currently on leave due to the decline in his health), he takes time on his days off, money out of his own pocket to buy; underwear, socks, sleeping bags, toiletries, tote bags, medical supplies, gift cards for food.

Liam then heads out to offer care and distribute what he has, to those that society has discarded.

A portion of all The PINK Collection profits will be donated to this project. If you would like to reach out to Liam; feel free to send a message via our Contact page.


Liam is Riley’s Doggo Dad. Riley was my recent inspiration for the WOOF Series of t-shirts – and recently (March 2022) Riley achieved status as a SUPPORT DOGGO – and she now accompanies Liam on his chemotherapy treatment visits and gives some love and support to the other patients receiving their treatments.

Liam and turnip

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