It is evident from the past 3 years, there are many factors, unseen or beyond control, that affect shipping times. TURNIP TEEZ cannot guarantee shipping time.

You will be given an estimated shipping time, which is calculated at the time of your order. This is calculated using historical shipping data for deliveries to your area or selling region.

You are invited to track your orders in real time through YOUR ACCOUNT.

It is advisable to create YOUR ACCOUNT before you start your shopping. You will also be able to maintain your own WISH LIST with your account.

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The goal at TURNIP TEEZ is that your pieces are created for you between 2 and 7 business days from the time we receive your order. We do take the weekend off in production.

The TURNIP TEEZ Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) is importantly only an estimate and not a guarantee. We have all learned in the past 3 years that things creep up which are beyond control, that cause delays. Volume around special days/holidays, weather and current events, to name a few.

If the date of estimated delivery has passed for your shipment; be sure to check the tracking information again for possible updates.

If after a couple days have passed your EDT, feel free to reach out to me here.

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TURNIPHED believes in Fair Trade and Sustainability. TURNIP TEEZ attempts to work with artists and businesses, as close to you as possible in order to operate with goal in mind.

The secondary aim is to reduce shipping delays, distance, as well as possible customs fees, whenever possible.

Products you purchase which can be shipped together, make a difference. To reflect that, TURNIP TEEZ offers a cart discount upon check-out.

Unfortunately, some special handling is required for a few of the pieces in the TURNIP TEEZ collection. These pieces, described below, can not be shipped with other pieces in the same package.

Any and all pieces at TURNIP TEEZ can be part of the same order.

For example, we do not roll your t-shirt around your coffee mug(s), drop everything in a bag, slap a label on it and send it to you.

Your mug will be sent in a box appropriate for ensuring your mug(s) gets to you in pristine condition. Your t-shirt will come in a separate package. Whereas, we could slip a t-shirt, joggers and a pair of flip flops into the same shipping bag and send as 1 package.

The size, shape or handling requirements for following products prevents them from being shipped with other items; candles, speakers, UV charger, coasters, shoes, puzzles, snap-back hats, trucker hats, dad hats/baseball caps, and visors, mugs, travel mugs, stickers, pillows, posters, framed posters, canvas, bean bag cases, water bottles and notebooks.

Fret not! There is a savings for buying more of the same item; since these items can be shipped with themselves.

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TURNIP TEEZ will be rolling out a colour code system to allow you quickly know which products you can mix-and-match in your order to maximize your carbon footprint reduction and increase your discount!
Match “Colour and Crown” on the “product stamps” to maximize your discounts for reducing your carbon foot print.
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Your order may not come all together at the same time when you mix and match items that can be shipped together. You will still be rewarded with a discount.
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