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KHAJ PHRYDAE has a new message to share with you; “This May Take Several Minutes…”.

Inspired by the hours many of us have had to sit and watch updates, forced upon us at the worst times. Regardless of a quick patch update that takes 1 minute to download and install; all the way up to a complete machine meltdown…we all see the same message.

This may take several minutes.

Most times, best thing to do is grab a cup of coffee, or any other beverage of your liking, and enjoy the wait.

In keeping with the spirit of Casual Friday, KAHJ brings this comedic and geeky take on computer updates, to a t-shirt and mug. Ideal for just helping those around you gauge their expectations, while you are on your Cas’ Friday.

The t-shirt is printed on 100% organic cotton. Our organic t-shirt is sized based on EU sizing, please size up one size for North American sizes, available in Black text on White t-shirt or White text on a Black t-shirt.

The mug is also available for lefties and righties. I have designed the mug so the binary faces in towards you if you buy the mug for your dominant hand. This gives you the opportunity to buy the mug printed for the opposite hand if you wish to display the binary message on the outside, towards your ‘audience’.

Shipping is already included in the price. Adding more products to your order from the same shipping category results in discounts! Read the information on shipping here.

Any questions at all, feel free to drop a line here.

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The team at The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin wanted to share some beverage suggestions to help you fill up your mugs with. (Hopefully, one of the sexy mugs from The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin)


The Stuff You Will Need

  • 2 shots of Demon Sea Men Coffee (or use your favourite fresh ground dark roast beans)
  • Heaping teaspoon of your favourite chocolate hazelnut spread (or more)
  • Boiling water
  • Cream

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Grab that teaspoon heaping with hazelnut spread and drop it in your mug.
  2. Pull 2 shots of espresso and pour that over your chocolate hazelnut spread so it can start to melt, slowly add the boiling water, stirring in the nutty goodness.
  3. Leave room for cream. (Adding cream, adds a little extra fat to the drink to help bring the flavours out and across your palette – but you can omit if you like – this secret is where the luxury of a nut job lies.)
  4. Enjoy.

Warning: May taste so you good you will feel like “having another”.
Allergy Alert: May contain NUTS, DAIRY

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The Wood Morning Coffee Cart

Picture it. The perfect summer morning as you get out of your tent. Flip flops, boxers and your Wood Morning Coffee Cabin hoodie.

The air is fresh and slightly cool, and it’s going to be another scorcher.

But first. COFFEE!

This weekend until midnight Sunday 14 March 2021, enjoy 10% off all Wood Morning Coffee Cabin merchandise, including our Canadian Exclusive “Wood Morning” hoodie.

Drop a couple t-shirts or a couple hoodies in your cart and we will add our “multi-pass*” discount at time of checkout.

*buy in multiples and you save more, all in the name of sustainability.