The Lemonade Syndicate Star Wars Squadrons


Oh you might laugh at the name, but best you do not let anyone catch you. Many a poor creature has gone without being seen again, for even the slightest snicker or eye roll.

Some, have made the mistake of thinking that The Lemonade Syndicate is just a rag-tag, rogue squadron of pilots or pirates, depending on perspective, roaming the darkest crevices of the Star Wars Squadrons galaxy. Along with a few other places.

They have not exactly been wrong.

For sure, The Lemonade Syndicate is a rag-tag squadron. No arguments from us.

Where some make their mistake is, well, they get caught speaking ill of or second guessing, The Lemonade Syndicate.

We are afforded extra grace in exchange for offering this warning to those brave enough to peer behind the curtains.

Be sure that there is more to The Lemonade Syndicate than folklore, rumours and what meets the visual receptors.

Everything is always code or subterfuge, perhaps a cipher or a riddle. Without question, one is in for an episode of cerebral callisthenics when they tangle with Syndicate members.

Some words to leave you with as you venture deeper into the Syndicate and its members.

Many have felt the breath of The Lemonade Syndicate on the nape of their neck and not realized the precariousness of their peril.

Those are the lucky ones.

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Tillie Tuu Turets - The Lemonade Syndicate

Be on your guard.

The Lemonade Syndicate will shoot first.

Think you are brave enough to meet a few of the members here and learn more about them and The Lemonade Syndicate?

Come into our parlour…

Watch your back.