“Be careful who you hate. It could end up being someone you love.”

Under cover, in plain sight
Gossiping Gals

‘Under Cover In Plain Sight’

I am being less than subtle with my delivery here, which some may think is absurd. I hope that my absurdity points out the actual absurdity in the damage we are doing to each other – unknowingly.

I grew up, hearing ‘those’ negative comments. I absorbed that negative energy, that shame, from those that I looked up to.

The ones that were supposed to protect me. That said they loved me. But, how could they love me if that is what they think of the true me.

Visibility is SO Important

I was reminded of the puzzle books I would have for car trips as a child. Word search. Word Puzzles. Crosswords.

Deceptively simple yet, clever enough to trip you up but yet always hidden in “veiled obscurity” – right in front of me was the answer.

More than ever visibility has become a necessity.

Today, I have developed a taste for irony and sarcasm. Especially when it comes to addressing systemic discrimination.

Being that systemic discrimination, hate, racism, bigotry, misogyny, are interwoven into the system so we can’t see it – I am hoping my extra smart ass, sarcastic approach is able to crack a few stubborn minds..

Under cover in Plain Sight

More likely than not, we have more in common than not.
Are we not all undercover in plain sight

Some of the collection is meant to be obvious.

Some of it is ironic. Some of it clever?

Some, even is just plain silly!

All of it, hopefully will be fun to wear.

Empowering to wear.


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