The History of The Yippee Skippee Rock Tossign Championships
Yippee Skipper Rock Tossing T-shirts

A very long time ago, there was a massive freak snowstorm at Mount Moist Plinth. During the spring thaw, the extra moisture destabilized the mountain side, causing numerous rock-slides and landslides.

These natural events significantly changed the landscape on the east side of Mount Moist Plinth. Which also changed the east landscape of the Upper Lake, where we find The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin.

At that time Reginald Knutsen was our Park Ranger for all of Mount Moist Plinth and the Musgee Taaent Valley and we have him to thank for keeping Mount Moist Plinth the beautiful place it is today.

Antique photo taken during the snow storm that changed Mount Moist Plinth

Reggie was caught in the storm and stranded for 3 days in the forest fire lookout tower. He managed to take this photo on day 2.

After surveying all the damage, Ranger Reggie came up with a plan to clean up the damage to the Upper Lake so folks could enjoy swimming and other watersports.

While work was underway Ranger Reggie discovered that water, from the underground hot springs, was seeping into areas near the beach on the Wood Morning side of the lake. A pleasant surprise since the water tended to be mostly quite chilly run off from the snow covered peak.

This new discovery gave Ranger Reggie an idea, and it did not take long for Ranger Reggie to draw up some plans and with only weeks to spare before winter hit; the project reached completion!

Ranger Reggie had taken all the debris that had fallen during the rock-slides, to build a sort of wall.

It was just below the surface of the water, built out into the lake; creating a fresh water pool, which was trapping in a concentration of the hot springs water seeping in from below.

The question everyone was asking; “was the water going to be warm enough to keep from freezing over?

They were not expecting the water to be hot tub warm. Yet, would they be able to swim or would the water still be too cold?

Well the answer to that…fast forward to the present and our current Park Ranger, Liam Gingerbum, is over-seeing The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin Annual Yippee-Skippee Rock Tossing Championships.

Unknown Camper Tossing Rocks

Every fall, for the generations people come from all around; fill up The Lodge and Campground to join the folks of Mount Moist Plinth in walking the perimeter of the Upper Lake gathering little rocks and pebbles that have slid down the mountain.

Folks usually toss them back up the mountain. Some toss them in the lake and make a wish. All a little nod to Ranger Reggie and all he did.

Some folks even make some interesting, if not precariously balanced, sculptures.

And then there are some folks, who are slipping a ‘handful’ of good “skipper stones” in their pockets for the big “Rock Tossing Championship”!

The Objective
Unknown Campler Jumping in the Lake
  • Folks strip down, swim out to the back wall of the Ranger Reggie Pool and toss their rocks off, while trying to maintain their balance.
  • Contestants are judged on a variety of skills; distance, form, creativity, balance and of course how many times there tossed rock skips across the surface.
  • Prizes are given to contestants for various categories that change over the years but the #1 prize that has never changed is the title of Grand Rock Tosser!
  • (This is not to be confused with “being a tosser”!)
Yippee Skippee Rock Tossing Championship Emblem
Yippee Skipper Rock Tossing T-shirts


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